After the 2011 events in Libya, the European Union, in coordination with the General National Congress Department of Public Information, decided a special grant to support the development of Libyan media to make it play its role in supporting the establishment of a new democratic state.

The start was with the project of rehabilitation and training of public media institutions’ journalists, media professionals and technicians. The EU relied on the German Deutsch Welle Academy to implement the project. The GNC Department of Public Information identified the public media institutions and channels and some local radio stations to coordinate with in the training. Then, the project was stopped in mid-2014 because of the events that forced most international institutions and organizations to leave Libya, and more importantly because of the shift in the editorial line policy of these public media institutions.

In the first meeting of supporters and executers held in Tunis on December 18, 2014, the grant for training Libyan journalists was carried on taking into account the flaring media disputes. The idea of the Agency saw the light of day in March 2015 since it was void of personal opinions and comments, and aiming at conveying factual news stories, facts and information according to the international standards of journalism, which are adopted by the Cloud News Agency as its editorial policy, and which were the basis of trainings and publications.

Why Cloud?

Because the requirements of the founders were professionalism, pursue of objectivity and independence away from the conflict and disputes in their quest for the truth, as well as their full commitment to good conduct and ethics, which calls for staying away from incitement and renounce hatred.

The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA should move freely and independently in the air so that it receives news and event stories from more than 100 Libyan correspondents allocated in all Libyan regions. They cover all geographic areas regardless of Libya’s social diversity and they don’t include their opinions, comments or recommendations. The reports and stories should come to the audience as they happened with no interference. This is what the Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNAseeks and what the people in Libya hope to find.

The Cloud is small particles of news that evaporated and escalated from the vast land of Libya to gather and condense in the sky and produce a shower of news. This shower germinates in a sort of beneficial tree that provides not only fruits but also shadows in sunny days. The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA conveys news to and from the people in Libya. The agency guarantees media news requirements about Libya according to the objectivity and credibility principles.

This is the history of the Libyan Cloud News Agency. It sums up its idea and for this it was established.